Pepe Unlimited

Creative company on wheels


About us

We’re a creative couple living and working on the road out of self-converted solar powered van. Pepe, our tiny rolling home, is also an office for our business as digital nomads.

Our services include a full scale of creative services - all the way from design & visual services to software development services. So we are your one stop shop for many kind of projects.

You can take a look at our services below!

Design & visual services

  • ✖︎ Social media (content creation, photo banks, video banks, social media management)
  • ✖︎ Collaborations on our own social media
  • ✖︎ Video production, editing, drone filming
  • ✖︎ Photography
  • ✖︎ Graphic design (webdesign, logo design, business cards, prints)
  • ✖︎ Photobook design
  • ✖︎ Branding

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Software development services

  • ✖︎ Native mobile development (iOS & Android)
  • ✖︎ Server development (microservices, REST APIs)
  • ✖︎ Custom websites (incl. SEO)

Office on wheels

Our office and creative studio is in our van. After graduating and working in corporate world for couple of years (in Helsinki, Finland), we decided to sold almost everything we owned and bought a van. We had fell in love with the freedom, minimalism and less consuming lifestyle of rolling homes on our earlier road trips - and we wanted to take the leap into van life.

We spent the whole summer and autumn of 2018 converting our van to a rolling home. Want to know what converting a van & living in a van is like? You can check out more on our Instagram and YouTube - and follow our daily life.

Currently we’re in Finland, but in our business field it’s all about working remotely.


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♥: Piia & Simo

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