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Founded in a van


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Whether you are a busy brick-and-mortar retailer in need of help with online visibility and social media, or a new fresh small business owner planning to launch an online course without a solid brand identity — we can help you out!

Or maybe you are looking for help to develop your application, or needing help designing it? Could some of the repetitive chores of your workdays be automated with code? We will be pleased to hear from you!

We are a creative company providing a wide range of creative services - all the way from design & visual services to software development services. We are your one stop shop for many kind of projects!

Let’s make an impression together.

... with design & brand

  • Social Media Consulting
  • → Content planning & implementation
  • → Technical support & coaching
  • Content Creation
  • Photos, Photo banks, Videos, Copywriting, Social media cards, templates & other graphic design
  • Social Media Management
  • → Managing & posting content on social media platforms (– in the long term or over a short period of time, f.ex. during holiday or for event)
  • Visual Identity & Branding
  • → New brand identity
  • → Rebranding
  • Graphic Design
  • → Print (business card, invitation card, flyer, ...)
  • → Digital (profile and cover images, social media content, ...)
  • Websites
  • → Standard structure
  • → Custom
  • Video Editing
  • → From the material provided by the customer

... with apps

  • Design
  • → UI
  • → UX
  • → Prototyping
  • Software Development
  • → Web
  • → Mobile
  • → Server
  • Launch & Growth
  • Maintenance

by working with us!

We’re a creative couple, Piia and Simo. Our creative company is founded in our van called Pepe.

After graduating and working in corporate world for couple of years (in Helsinki, Finland), we decided to sold almost everything we owned and bought a van. We had fell in love with the freedom, minimalism and less consuming lifestyle of rolling homes on our earlier road trips - and we wanted to take the leap into van life.

We spent the whole summer and autumn of 2018 self-converting (#pakuprojekti) our van into a solar powered tiny rolling home*. The van conversion project was huge – possible, but not easy!

After that, we knew we could do anything together. And we are just as passionate about our work. Together we founded our company Pepe Unlimited while living in our van. We were working on the road, unlimitedly.

Our skills complement each other and it’s a perfect match to work together. Both of us are driven by enthusiasm, purpose and high motivation to progress. We aim to deliver the same value to our customers as a result.

Let’s start a new project together?

* Want to know what converting a van & living in a van was like? You can check out more on our YouTube-channel.

Let's start!

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Currently we're in Finland, but in our business field it's all about working remotely.

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♥: Piia & Simo